Introducing Dance Oregon’s First Ever Kickstarter Fundraiser

Hello! We are Dance Oregon, a student group at the University of Oregon. We are pleased to announce the launch of our first ever Kickstarter Fundraiser! We are raising money to get 35 members of our student group all the way from Eugene, Oregon to Madison, Wisconsin so that we can participate in the American College Dance Festival (ACDF). Due to scheduling conflicts, we cannot attend the conference in our region so we will need to raise 300%  more than we have previously needed to attend this festival.We chose to launch a Kickstarter fundraiser in order to involve others in our journey in raising money for an art that we are incredibly passionate about. This platform is designed specifically for artists who need help in order for their project to happen. It is important to note that if we do not raise our goal of $4,000 by February 24 we will not receive any of the money.

The Kickstarter project is a key fundraiser for us because the $4,000 that we are hoping to raise will essentially cover the hotel costs for all 35 students who will be attending. We hope that you will donate to this campaign because without this money we will be forced to ask the dancers to pay much more than they can afford in order to get to the festival.

So far we have received more than $11,000 from the Associated Students of the University of Oregon. This support was a huge help in making this trip possible and we are endlessly grateful to be one step closer to our goal of raising more than $25,000. In addition to that money, we received $4,000 in fees from our dancers. We also need to raise at least $4,000 through our Kickstarter and at least $6,000 from other fundraisers including bake sales, apparel sales and other events here in Eugene.

We hope that you will follow our blog to receive updates and insight relating to Dance Oregon’s fundraising journey. The Kickstarter campaign is just a fraction of what we are doing to raise all of the money that we need to get to ACDF but it is also a crucial aspect of our fundraising efforts. We will use this blog to profile the dancers who will be attending the conference and to share our journey in Eugene as we continue to raise money in order to make it to this festival.

Please visit and donate to our Kickstarter fundraiser at this website:

By clicking the above link you will learn all kinds of great information about the American College Dance Festival and about Dance Oregon itself. Feel free to ask us any and all questions that you may have here on our blog or e-mail

Thank you for your support!


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